Saturday, 18 August 2012

Justification of things - a draft from the past that I forgot to publish...oops

Well sports fans it has certainly been a long time between games but I am back....ish. Prompted by the ever lovely and most gorgeous TB I am adding another post to this long neglected blog and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with her comment about finding balance. How does one determine how much time and energy to invest in each aspect of life? I guess that is the big question isn't it.
I know you are all dying to know why posts have been scarce, nay, non existent aren't you. So let me regale you with some well embellished excuses. Let's face it that's what this is really, an attempt to justify the fact that I haven't actually posted anything by listing (rather verbosely) my comings and goings, doings and travels in order that I might relieve myself of any feelings of guilt stemming from the fact that I couldn't actually keep up with all I was supposed to be doing, namely this blog! Phew. So .... What have I been doing? I have been doing all sorts and just to prove to myself that I can be concise I am going to list my activities in no particular order or preference:
Playing with children on school holidays; camping; visiting family in Perth; running; reading; cycling; working; quilting; shopping; coffee; chatting; walking; letter writing; card making, scrapbooking; sewing, baking; cooking; playing guitar; watching tv; gardening; partying; chicken sitting; and sleeping. As well as all the usual stuff like washing and ironing etc. now that is why there hasn't really been any time to chronicle my activities, I have been flat out living! That is the reason for things isn't. Best of all I have been enjoying it all - well except for things like cleaning the kitty litter tray and the like but you can't have it all can you?
I do actually have some creative things to share and I will endeavor to do so when possible but I have just added U/7 & U/9 soccer coach to my list of duties this term so don't hold your breath waiting. It may just be another long break between games!
PS you have no idea how hard it was not to write a little side mote for just about every one of my activities but i resisted - will power

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  1. I a overwhelmed not to be mistaken by whelmed by your will power. Soldier on PT there's no "soccer mum" bumper sticker on your car just "Coach". Good luck with all those fellas :) I look forward to seeing you creations.