Sunday, 25 January 2015

CSI challenge 153

Another challenge from the CSI folks.


I found quite a lot of photos that I thought I could work with to complete this challenge.  

I settled on this photo of Winko when he was 4 and we were on our family trip to the South West of WA, starting in Esperance.  This is from a day out at Hellfire Bay - my favourite beach in Australia I think.
My evidence is:
  • border punch
  • circles
  • bakers twine
My testimony:
  • stacked journaling tags (I haven't put the journaling on yet because I'm not 100% sure what I want to write but it will be handwritten and the tag's on there ready to go)

I also came across these photos of Matth when he was a wee lad (terrible but I'm not sure off the top of my head when these were taken and I'm too lazy to check)  He was given some bath crayons, I think they were in his Christmas Stocking from Santa in fact so he was probably almost two. Anyhow he had a great time making mess drawing all over himself and the bath and funnily enough they didn't wash off quite as easily as advertised - surprise surprise!!

The glitter was a last minute decision and I'm not entirely happy with it but once it was on there was no going back.
Never mind.  Mental note to self ...*don't attempt glitter with a half hearted attitude and a vague idea of what you want.  Be sure it's possible to go all out AND that there's a definite plan.*

These are the third and fourth scrapping pages that I've created since getting back into things - but who's counting?

I will have to do something about the quality of the photos but I'm working on it.

Tomorrow I will try and find time to post the two layouts I created sans photo.  One to celebrate 18 years of marriage and another to welcome people to our home.

That's definitely it for tonight though, time for a cup of tea.

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