Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tutti Frutti

The current challenge from D-lish Scraps really tickled my fancy.
It was this inspiration board and the colours, citrus and buttons were what appealed to me.  I didn't use the sketch laybout because I had an idea that I wanted to try.
This is the result

I am really really really happy with the way this turned out.  The photos is a favourite of mine and the colours are magic.  I love to use a rainbow sort of pattern - I think it appeals to my sense of order as this is the way colours are in the spectrum.

I started by collecting patterned paper for each colour and worked out how wide each strip should be so I could have even amounts of each colour.  This was a great way to use up the little bits of favourite papers that you keep because you love but don't know that you'll be able to use because of the shape or the fact that they're so small.  Bonus!!

I cut out a strip and randomly attached the coloured paper for the corresponding colour in all sorts of shapes, using scissors, tearing and punches with some overhang so I could overlap colours when I combined them to help blend the colours together.   

I adhered the coloured strips to the backing piece and made sure the overlapping pieces tied it all together well. 

Next I placed the photo on top.  In hind sight I would have arranged the colours in the opposite direction so that the pink was more covered by the photo.  I tried putting the photo on the left had side of the page but because of the angle it detracted from the rest of the layout.  

My favourite part was putting all the embellishments on. I rummaged through my supplies pulling out anything that matched colour-wise ( I was going to add ribbon but decided against it in the end) then placed them onto the layout.  I ended up making myself stop - too much can be too much and one more thing can tip you over the edge of that fine line.   

I used my paints to colour each of the letters - another good way to use up the odd letters left over from chipboard sets.  I stamped the citrus stamp onto the 'r' for a feature and when they were dry I covered them with a clear lacquer with silver glitter to make them stand out. I didn't lacquer the stamp because I thought the glitter would cover it too much and it would lose the effect.

The other letters were keyboard letters that I used to work with the colourless background which I hope indicates how dull life is without this little rascal.

That's it. My favourite layout for a long time both in process and product! I love it


  1. Wowee what a Awesome layout!!!
    Loving the colour layout it's a great way to pop a photo… wonderful how you coloured the letters & changed to suite.
    Such a great layout every time I look at it I see something new!
    Thankyou for playing along with us at D-Lish Scraps

  2. Wow, where to look first on this amazing layout? This is an awesome layout, so very unique.

  3. Love your rainbow effect and what a great way to use up lots of odds and ends. Thanks for playing with D-lish Scraps this month.

  4. This is awesome!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us at D-Lish Scraps :)

  5. Wow! There is so much detail in your LO. I see something new each time I look at it. :)

  6. Full of tutti-frutti-ness! Perfect combo and placement of elements =)

  7. This is super colourful and super fun. So many pretty elements but not overdone. Awesome layout!