Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tutti Frutti

The current challenge from D-lish Scraps really tickled my fancy.
It was this inspiration board and the colours, citrus and buttons were what appealed to me.  I didn't use the sketch laybout because I had an idea that I wanted to try.
This is the result

I am really really really happy with the way this turned out.  The photos is a favourite of mine and the colours are magic.  I love to use a rainbow sort of pattern - I think it appeals to my sense of order as this is the way colours are in the spectrum.

I started by collecting patterned paper for each colour and worked out how wide each strip should be so I could have even amounts of each colour.  This was a great way to use up the little bits of favourite papers that you keep because you love but don't know that you'll be able to use because of the shape or the fact that they're so small.  Bonus!!

I cut out a strip and randomly attached the coloured paper for the corresponding colour in all sorts of shapes, using scissors, tearing and punches with some overhang so I could overlap colours when I combined them to help blend the colours together.   

I adhered the coloured strips to the backing piece and made sure the overlapping pieces tied it all together well. 

Next I placed the photo on top.  In hind sight I would have arranged the colours in the opposite direction so that the pink was more covered by the photo.  I tried putting the photo on the left had side of the page but because of the angle it detracted from the rest of the layout.  

My favourite part was putting all the embellishments on. I rummaged through my supplies pulling out anything that matched colour-wise ( I was going to add ribbon but decided against it in the end) then placed them onto the layout.  I ended up making myself stop - too much can be too much and one more thing can tip you over the edge of that fine line.   

I used my paints to colour each of the letters - another good way to use up the odd letters left over from chipboard sets.  I stamped the citrus stamp onto the 'r' for a feature and when they were dry I covered them with a clear lacquer with silver glitter to make them stand out. I didn't lacquer the stamp because I thought the glitter would cover it too much and it would lose the effect.

The other letters were keyboard letters that I used to work with the colourless background which I hope indicates how dull life is without this little rascal.

That's it. My favourite layout for a long time both in process and product! I love it

Welcome to our home

This one I am just not happy with.  I spent ages fiddling around with but it isn't sitting right for quite a few reasons.  I have decided I am going to do another one but until I do, this is welcomes you to our home if you come and visit.

18 Years

I scraplifted this idea from my lovely friend Jill.  Our creations look totally different but she was my inspiration.  I wanted to create something quick and easy to get back into the swing of things and decided that a keepsake to remember our 18th wedding anniversary was a good place to start.

It's in a frame so the glass reflects my silhouette which is a shame.

I was disappointed with the placement of the 'happily' stamp on the top flag, I didn't take the floral design into account and it is hard to read.  I was also unhappy with the spacing between all the flags.  When I had everything laid out originally I had the space between the bottom two flags the same as the space between the top three flags (but still separated into 3 and 2).  When I went to adhere everything I placed the large scalloped piece too high and then had to adjust the flags.  That's the problem with the 'lay everything out until your happy and then adhere it all' technique.

I do love the Brett and Liisa font at the bottom and the two date stamps.  I wanted to give the impression of the rest of the yearly dates listed down the page but hidden behind.  Not sure if that's what comes across but I'm happy with it.

I also like the way the numbers seemed to work out well too.
There are plenty of other things I like about it but it would be mundane to list them all, so I'll leave it at that.

I enjoyed creating this, having three boys I don't often use floral or pinks so this it was nice to go with something pretty for a change and it definitely helped me find my groove.


Sunday, 25 January 2015

An old STB Challenge I drafted but didn't publish at the time


Esperance beach holiday, Winko is always on the lookout for interesting things.

I wanted to use the sewing machine on my layout, hard to see it but it is how I attached the flowers. I have used S.U. brads, kraft 
12 x 12 cardstock, and bashful blue ribbon. T the moment I am on a mission (if I am honest with myself it should be deemed a failure) to use the'stuff' that I have collected over the years instead of purchasing new things - difficult to resist the temptation to buy! So the rest of the goodies are from my stash. When I first started scrapping I had no idea about the possibility of publishing my layouts on a blog or that I would need to keep list of materials used, so in the interest of conserving space most of the packaging was ditched. With a memory like a sieve it is near impossible to recall brands let alone the particular set or theme of the products. So if you want to have a crack at it, just substitute!

CSI challenge 153

Another challenge from the CSI folks.


I found quite a lot of photos that I thought I could work with to complete this challenge.  

I settled on this photo of Winko when he was 4 and we were on our family trip to the South West of WA, starting in Esperance.  This is from a day out at Hellfire Bay - my favourite beach in Australia I think.
My evidence is:
  • border punch
  • circles
  • bakers twine
My testimony:
  • stacked journaling tags (I haven't put the journaling on yet because I'm not 100% sure what I want to write but it will be handwritten and the tag's on there ready to go)

I also came across these photos of Matth when he was a wee lad (terrible but I'm not sure off the top of my head when these were taken and I'm too lazy to check)  He was given some bath crayons, I think they were in his Christmas Stocking from Santa in fact so he was probably almost two. Anyhow he had a great time making mess drawing all over himself and the bath and funnily enough they didn't wash off quite as easily as advertised - surprise surprise!!

The glitter was a last minute decision and I'm not entirely happy with it but once it was on there was no going back.
Never mind.  Mental note to self ...*don't attempt glitter with a half hearted attitude and a vague idea of what you want.  Be sure it's possible to go all out AND that there's a definite plan.*

These are the third and fourth scrapping pages that I've created since getting back into things - but who's counting?

I will have to do something about the quality of the photos but I'm working on it.

Tomorrow I will try and find time to post the two layouts I created sans photo.  One to celebrate 18 years of marriage and another to welcome people to our home.

That's definitely it for tonight though, time for a cup of tea.

My recent creations, meeting the challenge

This is the website I have recently discovered

 CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration

The thing I like about these challenges is that you can pick and choose the elements you wish to include, as long as you use all the colours.
This is the first page I have scrapped of myself.  I chose this photo while browsing through a whole lot of old photos I rediscovered while unpacking.  It shows my grandmother, Miepie and I on my graduation from Uni.  When I was born she called me her 'little star', hence the title.

I used quite a few of the elements required to meet the CSI challenge and the colours of the photo matched well.  I tried some new things (new for me) for this layout - both products and techniques - which was fun.

I have had the 12x12 acetate sheet with the aqua colour flourishes for over a decade I am sure and have always wanted to use it, bringing it out on many occasions and never putting it away again because I couldn't make it work.  I decided to just go for it and have laid the whole sheet over a background piece  with the photo on it and then added all the embellishments on top.  I drew the circles on the back of the acetate.

The coloured background is a stampin' up purchase - white with clear embossed stars on it so that when  coloured the stars show up.  I inked in varying shades in a circle from dark to light.

 Looking at the photo the embellishments on the right look a bit 'bitsy' but on the actual layout they work well together.  

I enjoyed it so much and everything seemed to come together so easily that I thought I would have a go at the next challenge. 

and this is what I created...
I will definitely need to work on the lighting for taking photos of my layouts.  They do look much nicer in 'real life'.

More to come in the next installment but for now that's it.


Friday, 26 October 2012

And so....

.....a good time was had by all but as with all good things it came to an end.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Justification of things - a draft from the past that I forgot to publish...oops

Well sports fans it has certainly been a long time between games but I am back....ish. Prompted by the ever lovely and most gorgeous TB I am adding another post to this long neglected blog and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with her comment about finding balance. How does one determine how much time and energy to invest in each aspect of life? I guess that is the big question isn't it.
I know you are all dying to know why posts have been scarce, nay, non existent aren't you. So let me regale you with some well embellished excuses. Let's face it that's what this is really, an attempt to justify the fact that I haven't actually posted anything by listing (rather verbosely) my comings and goings, doings and travels in order that I might relieve myself of any feelings of guilt stemming from the fact that I couldn't actually keep up with all I was supposed to be doing, namely this blog! Phew. So .... What have I been doing? I have been doing all sorts and just to prove to myself that I can be concise I am going to list my activities in no particular order or preference:
Playing with children on school holidays; camping; visiting family in Perth; running; reading; cycling; working; quilting; shopping; coffee; chatting; walking; letter writing; card making, scrapbooking; sewing, baking; cooking; playing guitar; watching tv; gardening; partying; chicken sitting; and sleeping. As well as all the usual stuff like washing and ironing etc. now that is why there hasn't really been any time to chronicle my activities, I have been flat out living! That is the reason for things isn't. Best of all I have been enjoying it all - well except for things like cleaning the kitty litter tray and the like but you can't have it all can you?
I do actually have some creative things to share and I will endeavor to do so when possible but I have just added U/7 & U/9 soccer coach to my list of duties this term so don't hold your breath waiting. It may just be another long break between games!
PS you have no idea how hard it was not to write a little side mote for just about every one of my activities but i resisted - will power

it's been a while

It has indeed been a while since my last blog and I have been far from fruitful in the creative department in recent times. After a brief but frantic foray into the world of quilting I haven't done any scrapbooking, quilting or cardmaking for over a month now. I should have been better organized and taken a photo of the quilts I made - I have made a grand total of six quilts - but silly me gave them away without taking a photo first.  You will just have to trust me o n that one. (Sounds dodgy doesn't it).  I also made an apron with a quilted pot holder on one of the panels for a friend and I was pretty happy with that as I worked from a photo with no pattern.
Tonight I am going to get the machine out and start a new quilt and today I am going to complete one page. I don't know what the subject will be but I am determined to get something produced before the day is through. 
I now have internet connection in my studio so I am all systems go and no excuses..... stay tuned for a creative update before the end of the weekend. That's me signing out to get crafty now, adios amigos

Thursday, 29 March 2012

On the outside looking in..

Some hidden journalling, gems, flowers and ribbon. Kept it pretty simple, very geometrical layout without any inking, stamping or fancy embellishments. I am moving towards the Less is More type layout at the moment I think. The inspiration was the photo and the colour of the t-shirt and hat really. I just pulled out what I thought I could work in and went from there, laying it out as I went, fiddling and changing until I was happy with the result. Then the tricky part, attaching it all in the right spot. 


A little bit more Esperance, Hellfire Bay again. It was just so beautiful.   I think I should have used a background piece that didn't have the writing on it because it detracts from my handwritten journal entry. I really love these colours and the way I have interpreted the the sketch
(sorry, I should have cropped this one)

The colour room challenge. I didn't get around to entering it but this is what inspired the layout.

Gee Bee

This was such a quick layout, I am going back to a really basic look at the moment. Not for any challenge just one that I did on my mega scrap weekend.

Scrapbook Boutique March Challenge

Can't say I was too thrilled with more cupcakes.... again! Sorry, I think that they look fantastic, I think the person that made them is very talented, they probably taste even better than they look and I would love to sink my teeth into one. They are an interesting source of inspiration but not every month.  I don't want to be a 'pooper', but feedback is always good so I hope you don't mind me saying so. Just what I was thinking.

The Challenge:
Inspiration : 

Challenge : Create a project using the photo as your inspiration and to include at least one handmade flower.
The project can be a card, a scrapbook layout or off the page project......it's totally up to you!

 Anyway on a happier note, I am very very pleased with the layout that the cupcakes inspired. Here's what I came up with.

Life Is Good @ 7

Esperance holidays will feature a lot in the next few posts, I am enjoying the memories of our holidays there while I scrap the photos.  This is a photo of Willy the Wink while we were fishing off the jetty in Esperance. Again I wanted to use the paper but didn't want to cut it or cover it up so I made it a feature. I bought the paper while I was in Perth and walked from West Perth to Subiaco and back again, stopping for an unplanned spending spree in Jackson's Art Supplies. It just so happened that I could fit it into the March Challenge for Scrap the Boys. 





I think this fits the bill and I am pleased that the paper doesn't look too girly which is why I hadn't used it before now. Thanks to the "Two T Girls" who convinced me it was perfectly fine for a boys page.

Pretty paper

I had a bit of a dry spell for scrap booking (unintentionally, life just go busier for a while) and then realised that the end of the month was rapidly approaching so I spent a weekend making up for lost time. Last year I ran some card making classes for beginners through the local art shop here. I used products from the shop to promote the business and  there was some beautiful papers available. I came across this one in my stash and decided I wanted to use it, but still... I didn't want to waste it. I remembered that the reason it was still on the shelf was because I was reluctant to cut it, I didn't want any of it to be hidden and I didn't want to make a mistake with it.  It is a Japanese style paper, very thin with a fibrous texture on the reverse side. I decided to bit the bullet and use it so I started to search through my printed photos and found this one of my youngest son.  It is a perfect photo because it can be made to suit any colour scheme or style of LO so I went with it. 
I feel a little bit bad about the journaling and in fact the whole page but I think that when he is older and I am no longer around he will appreciate my sense of humour and remember how much I loved paper, colours, textures and patterns.

I took these photos outside on the lawn in natural light without editing them so I think they are shown here true to their colour.  I was too lazy to change lenses once I was outside so using the telephoto lens I had to stand back a bit which made it difficult to fit the whole of the page in. The main photo only shows the bottom left corner of the layout but it's pretty much just "the paper" with a small border of the Stampin Up! Not Quite Navy card stock around it.  And what a perfect segue into the list of things I used :-)

Materials:Obviously the backing card stock is Stampin Up! Not Quite Navy.   The small alpha is a Heidi Swap rub on, the large alpha is foamy one I picked up in K-Mart while I happened to be browsing in the stationary department.  If my memory serves me correctly (which it usually doesn't) it is a 'creative' product. The journaling is written using N.Q.N. pen from Stampin Up! the flower is Baja Breeze ink, stamp and punch from SU on a piece of scrap card I had left over from my Creative Memories days when I first started scrapping.  I have really gone back to basics, kept it simple, the only edge I inked was the journaling piece. The rest was pretty plain because I wanted the paper to be the main embellishment and because it is A4 size I thought it would be too much if I added the little details. Phew, I think's that all the info, one down and 6 more to upload. I have to do it tonight really because I would like to enter some of them into challenges and it's nearly the end of the month. Keep an eye out for more to come. I am still aiming to put the materials in a list format, I just can't help myself, I have to add that extra little bit of info to go with it don't I. Gee I can dribble. I hope you like the paper, and the kid's pretty handsome too isn't he.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Frame it

Here is the layout I did for scrapbook boutique Feb Challenge trimmed down and framed for a gift. Quite happy with the frame, matches perfectly I think. Photo is a bit fuzzy sorry, I took it on my ipad on the run.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Smiley Riley

My oldest son Sam has a lovely friend called Riley who he has been friends with since Pre Primary and they are now in year 5. Their friendship started at soccer, they were in the same team the first time they played and I was the coach. She is such a beautiful girl (inside and out) and always has a smile on her face. Hence the moniker "Smiley Riley" usually shortened to Smiley.
Anyway.... Sam was invited to her birthday party and here is the card I made. I put it on the front of the gift, I am loving the brown paper wrapping with a ribbon and card to adorn the top.

I wanted to use pink, because, well because I rarely get to use it however I have been finding quite a few reasons to lately. Smiley isn't a girly girl though so I didn't want to make it too "pretty", plus I didn't want Sam to feel self conscious giving a "girly gift". Boys like to be boys after all. 

It's Pretty much a Stampin' Up creation with the exception of the stamp. The cow stamp (I hope she didn't delve into the meaning of the image or who knows what she may have come up with! I don't think she did though because Sam didn't come home with missing teeth and a black eye, but back to the list) right, the cow stamp was a random one I picked up at a discount shop for a couple of dollars. Just a cheep plastic job that came with two others, animal picture and sentiment on each but it has come in handy. Oh and the cow's party hat has a small orangey pearly thing at the top that is also a random from my stash and not S.U. but you can get them at heaps of places. 

The S.U. materials are white card stock, chocolate chip card stock, ribbon and ink. Designer Series Paper (don't recall the set sorry I won it as a pack of 6 x 6 inch from a demo I attended some time ago) and pink ribbon. 

I honestly do try to do this materials thing as a list (when I have the time to put it in at all) but everything seems to have a story, it's too hard to put it as a list. Simple card but it fits my requirements so I am pleased with it and let's face it, sometimes less is more after all. 

Hopefully I will have time to play in my studio today and will be able to share another LO tomorrow. 
Have a good one peeps

Oooh, I have had one response for a scrapping challenge site (thank you Queen Bee), but would like to make the choice from a number rather than just by default so please let me know if you have any good ones. 
Actually, you know what, I will just put it out there, respond please.... I know there are people out there reading this, I see the stats so don't pretend you didn't read this last bit, please post a comment and let me know the challenge sites you like to visit. Please.
No, on second thoughts take away the last please, I don't want to sound like I am desperate or begging or anything.

Morrow Boys...

...cubby by Roberts!

This photo of my three lovely boys was taken at the Roberts' house in their cubby. The boys were playing with the Roberts' kids and showing off to the adults - just for a change of course.

So here is what I used: Stampin' Up Marina Mist and Crumb Cake card stock, Rich Razzleberry and Marina Mist inks, the small love heart punch,the stamp is S.U. but I can't think of the name at the moment, the Tim Holtz top note "negative" using the Sizzix Big Shot. The brads I had in a stash of stuff from about 10 years ago and they have resurfaced recently, and I printed the text on the computer. Done, that's it I think.